4 Important Things About DUI License Suspension Nobody Tells You

4 Important Things About DUI License Suspension Nobody Tells You

If you get a DUI license suspension, you can quickly turn things around if you know some basic info.

Getting your license suspended can be stressful, especially if you have a plethora of responsibilities. While a suspension can prevent you from doing things, it doesn’t take long to get one reinstated.

We’ll help you by outlining everything you should know about a DUI license suspension. You can then start working towards getting it back.

Here are four important things nobody tells you about DUI and license suspension.

1. What Is a DUI Conviction License Suspension?

DUI and license suspension are two things that go hand-in-hand. When getting a DUI, you’ll get a DUI conviction license suspension that’ll prohibit you from driving. If you get caught driving with a suspended license, you could face harsh penalties, such as fines or jail.

A license suspension is designed to be a punishment when a driver is reckless. More severe actions can be taken, though a license suspension allows a driver to improve themselves.

2. The Minimum License Suspension for DUI

The DUI license suspension length will vary depending on where you live. However, many places can suspend a license for several years.

Aside from having your license revoked, you may be required to spend time in jail after getting a DUI. It’s best to research your local laws to determine what the DUI license suspension length is. You can also find out about other penalties that come with a DUI.

3. How to Avoid Getting a Suspended License

To avoid getting a DUI conviction license suspension, the best thing you can do is avoid driving while under the influence. In the US, you’re not allowed to have a blood-alcohol level of over .08 percent if you’d like to drive. Anyone under 21 isn’t allowed to have any alcohol in their system.

If you plan on drinking and need to drive later, ensure that you let several hours pass before hitting the road. However, it’s best to have someone else drive if you want to avoid any problems.

4. What You Can Do to Reinstate Your License

A DUI license suspension usually isn’t permanent, but you’ll need to get SR22 insurance to reinstate it. This isn’t necessarily an insurance policy, but it reassures the DMV that you’re financially stable.

Getting SR22 insurance requires nothing more than getting a document that shows you’re insured. The SR22 insurance cost will vary depending on your insurer, and you may have to pay for several months of insurance before being eligible.

Now You Can Properly Handle a DUI License Suspension

After reading this article, you now know what a DUI license suspension is and how to resolve one. If your license is currently suspended, we encourage you to get SR22 insurance as soon as possible to reinstate it.

Ensure that you never drive under the influence again if you don’t want to get your license permanently revoked. You can hire a DUI license suspension lawyer if you need further assistance with your situation.

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