3 Things to Know When Buying Toy Hauler Trailers

3 Things to Know When Buying Toy Hauler Trailers

Around 77 million households in the US include someone who likes to camp. But that doesn’t mean that everyone camps in the same way. Some love to fish, some car camp, and some are more “glampers” than campers.

And there are so many types of RV camping, too. Toy hauler trailers make perfect sense to active, adrenalin junkies thanks to their garage door rear. But they might not make sense for families with lots of children who don’t need extra empty space.

Before you throw down your hard-earned cash on the first toy hauler RV you see, it’s best to know all the facts so you can feel confident in your choice. Here are three things to consider first.

1. Don’t Confuse It With Other Types of RV

Was it a toy hauler camper that your neighbor bought that you liked the look of so much, or was it a fifth-wheeler? Or maybe it was a travel trailer?

Many people use the same terms when referring to different RVs, it can be difficult to know if you are talking about the same vehicle. But RVs all have different weights, sizes, and towing needs, so it’s important to get it right.

Travel trailers are (often) the smallest and you tow them with a bumper hitch. You tow fifth-wheelers with a hitch in the bed of your truck and these are often the biggest. Both are non-motorized.

Toy hauler trailers can be either and it will depend on the size. Toy hauler travel trailers are around 19 – 36 feet whilst fifth-wheelers are 27 – 33 feet.

2. Not All Toy Hauler Trailers Are the Same

There are so many kinds of toy haulers for sale, you need to do your research. For example, if you want to transport gear like kayaks and paddleboards, a small toy hauler is likely suitable for your needs. But if you want to transport ATVs or golf carts, you might need a larger one.

Check out used toy hauler stores or wholesale RVs for sale at RVwholesalers.com for the best deals.

3. Many Toy Hauler Trailers Are Seasonal

Most RVers only use their toy hauler in the summer. This is often when they want to transport their jet skis, dirt bikes, or whatever other vehicles they use in the warmer months.

This means most toy haulers are not all-season, but some are. It will have reflective insulation and larger water tanks which will add to the weight.

Always make sure you check your vehicle is capable of towing your hauler before you buy it. And not only the unloaded weight, but the gross weight with your gear added in too.

Know the Facts When Choosing an RV

If you have never owned RVs before, let alone toy hauler trailers, the sheer choice can be overwhelming. But it is much easier to pick the best toy hauler for you once you know your budget, your needs, and have all the facts.

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