5 Jobs for people who love to travel

Travel is a dream for many. Seeing new places, meeting new people, and having new experiences is enriching, but travel can also feel like a distant prospect. Money is often a major obstacle, but it doesn’t need to be. If you can work as you travel, you’ll be able to see the world and fund the trip as you go.

1. Hostel work

Hostels are global meeting points for travelers from all walks of life. Nearly all towns and cities have hostels, and they usually require staff. You’ll often notice that the people working at hostels resemble the people staying at them: they’re travelers too. It’s perfectly feasible to move from place to place, funding your journey by working at different hostels. The other significant upside of this job is that you’ll meet new people, make friends, and never feel lonely on the road.

2. Yacht work

Yachts firmly occupy the world of the rich and famous, but they still need staff. Working on a yacht isn’t any different from working in a bar or as a cleaner. Your duties will usually involve making up rooms, serving drinks, and preparing food. The hours can be long, but working on a yacht is liberating. You can cruise from city to city, seeing the world and potentially meeting some celebrities at the same time!

3. Flight attendant

No list of jobs for travelers would be complete without mentioning flight attendants. The job itself involves taking care of passengers on commercial flights, serving drinks, performing safety drills, and assisting with the general maintenance of the plane. After that, however, your time is your own. Flight attendants travel widely, sometimes to multiple countries in a single day. The hours can be long, but the perks are often worth it. Not only will you see a lot of the world, but you’ll usually be able to take family and friends on discounted flights, too.

4. Long distance courier

Long-distance delivery jobs take many forms. Lorry drivers and truckers are the first examples that spring to mind, but even mail couriers sometimes span vast distances with a special, recorded delivery. Getting into driving can seem difficult, but platforms like Shiply make it easier than ever to find shipping jobs. Prospective drivers can search through lists of jobs and sort them according to how much they pay, how long they’ll take, and more. This opens the world up for couriers and means that they never have to go long stretches without work.

5. Volunteering

Although volunteering doesn’t (by definition) pay, you will be given accommodation and food on most volunteer jobs. This gives you a base to see a country, safe in the knowledge that you’re also giving something back to the community. Volunteering is exceptionally varied. You might be helping with the education of impoverished children, working at a shelter for abandoned animals, or assisting on community construction projects. It won’t make you rich, but volunteering is enormously rewarding. It looks great on your resume, so when you are looking for paid work, you could stand out.