The Prime Minister of Japan is Fumio Kishida
The Prime Minister of Japan is Fumio Kishida

The Prime Minister of Japan is Fumio Kishida

Fumio Kishida, Japan’s former foreign minister and former head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) policy research council, has been elected the party’s new leader. Through this he is going to be the new Prime Minister of the country. Kishida won the election as the leader of the LDP after a hard-fought election on Wednesday.

In the LDP’s presidential election, out of the party’s 362 members of parliament, ordinary members got a combined 372 votes. To win out of a total of 64 votes, a single candidate has to get 50 percent of the votes. If not, the second round of voting is between the top two candidates in the first round. However, in the second round of elections, the number of votes of the general members was reduced and only one vote was allotted for each of the 48 district branches. As a result, the value of the votes of the members of parliament in the second round is much higher.

There were four candidates in the LDP party election this time. Among them was Taro, another former foreign minister and the current minister in charge of the coroner’s vaccine, in a recent poll. When the voting started this morning, Kishida and Kono were fighting almost equally in the first round of voting. In the final count, Kishida came first with just one vote. However, neither of the two main candidates could secure 50 per cent support. Due to this, the second round of fighting started between them.

In the first round of elections, Kishida and Kono had 256 and 255 votes respectively. The other two candidates, Sanaye Takaichi and Seiko Noda, got 18 and 63 votes respectively. On the other hand, after the second round of voting, Kishida has confirmed the support of a large part of the supporters of the two defeated candidates outside of retaining his support. This greatly reduces the vote of any party. In the final count, Kishida got 256 votes and only 16 votes were cast for Kono.

Meanwhile, Fumio Kishida is set to become Japan’s 100th prime minister on Monday, as the LDP maintains a majority in its bicameral parliament. A special plenary session of both houses of parliament will elect the new prime minister on the same day. And the biggest challenge for Kishidar after the new leader is elected is going to be the election of the lower house of the Japanese parliament to be held next November.

Fumio Kishida is set to become Japan’s next prime minister. This possibility has arisen after the ruling party won the race for the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The news agency Reuters reported this information in a report.

Kishida defeated rival Vaccine Minister Taro Kuno by getting 256 votes in the run-off on Wednesday.

Reuters reports that with the LDP having a majority in parliament, the winner of the party election is expected to be Japan’s next prime minister.

The soft-spoken Kishida was once Japan’s foreign minister. He will replace Sugar in the country’s current prime minister, Yoshihide. Suga has decided to step down as prime minister after only one year in office.

Kishida’s first mission as prime minister will be to lead the LDP to victory in the coming general elections. Kishidar has been eyeing the post of Prime Minister for a long time. He had to wait for the next opportunity after losing to Sugar in the party chief election last year.