Chelsea lost in the Champions League tomorrow
Chelsea lost in the Champions League tomorrow

Chelsea does not know how to utilize assets worth Rs 1140 crore

Despite winning the Champions League last season, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel could not be satisfied with his attack. So this season, Chelsea has bought Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan for 115 million Euros. The English club has written a new record of changing their team by spending Tk 1,140 crore in Bangladeshi currency.

Chelsea, who wasted a golden opportunity to score in many matches last season, were expected to take advantage of Lukaku this time around. But after scoring 4 goals in the first 4 matches, Lukaku has slipped in the next 4 matches. There are no statistics to worry about yet. But former Chelsea coach Antonio Conte is raising concerns among Chelsea fans. Chelsea have won the last Premier League and last season’s Lucaku won the Italian League with Inter, and the coach claims that Chelsea cannot use Lukaku.

Lukaku was once Chelsea’s. But with another striker in the squad, young Lukaku missed out on a chance and moved to West Brom. From there, moving to Everton again changed the course of his career. Everton bought him from Chelsea. But after shining a light on Everton, Lukaku was not relieved to go to Manchester United. Conte later took him to Inter Milan.

Lukaku was reborn under Kant. Conte, who got the responsibility of Chelsea in 2016, got the best out of him after three years. Lukaku has scored 64 goals for Inter Milan in just two seasons. Lukaku and Conte have brought Inter to the Italian league title after 10 years. At the end of that successful season, Kante said goodbye as he did not get along with the club. Meanwhile, Lukaku has left the club and returned to his former club.

The second season at Chelsea started brilliantly. He scored against Arsenal in the London derby. After scoring three more goals, his goal shows ‘disgust’. Not getting goals for four matches. Conte told Sky Sport Italy that Lukaku was working on Tuchel’s failure behind the drought, ‘I think he (Lukaku) could be better, especially his technique. He is already of a very high standard. But before retirement, a player has to improve himself. There are occasional moments in the match when Lukaku should be on fire. Otherwise, he is one of the strikers against whom it is difficult to play. Because, he can become terrible anywhere on the field. When you find someone like that as the main striker, you have to use him. I don’t think Chelsea have figured out how to use him yet.

“Last season they didn’t have a full center forward, so they had to change places on the field,” said Conte. But Romelu is one who can be attacked. If they understand how to use Lukaku, then stopping Chelsea in the Champions League will be the main task of others.

Chelsea fans are hoping Tuchel will find a way to use the team’s most expensive player. Conte also hopes, ‘A coach is a good coach only when he can improve the players. I think we’ve done a great job with Romelu in two years. He is a striker of a certain genre. It’s terrible to be able to bring Lukaku to the box. But if he starts running in midfield, there’s also great speed. Great in the box and can run from midfield. It is difficult to find such a player.

Conte is looking at another person like Lukaku in current football. Interestingly, Chelsea are also trying to get him, ‘We see this quality in Earling Harland as well. I have seen Lukaku for a long time. When I was at Chelsea, I wanted him on the team. When he was playing for West Brom (in 2013), I was still looking for Lukaku.