White canvas instead of pictures
White canvas instead of pictures

White canvas instead of pictures

A museum in Denmark contracted an artist to redraw two old paintings for the exhibition. According to him, the artist was also paid in advance. However, he did not make paintings. Instead the museum gave the authorities a white canvas. This incident has given rise to a lot of discussion. The museum authorities have demanded a refund from the artist.

The British media reported in a report on Thursday that the Danish artist’s name was Jens Hanning. He worked for the Kunsten Museum in Denmark. Jens was contracted by the museum to recreate two of his old paintings using paper notes. According to the agreement, the museum authorities paid the artist 5 lakh 34 thousand kroner or 63 thousand US dollars.

However, after submitting the artwork, everyone’s eyes were on the forehead. Jens submitted two canvases full blank. He named the white canvas ‘Run with money’. The museum authorities have given a mixed response to the incident. “He (the artist) has shocked us,” museum director Lace Anderson told the BBC. I laughed at the incident. But Anderson made it clear that he would have to reimburse the artist in advance when the show ended. Because, it means museum.

Why did you submit a blank canvas with money in your pocket? In response to such a question, the 56-year-old artist said, “I took money from them to create this work of art.” He added that he had to work in a very bad environment in the museum. The money due was not paid properly. He even spent more than 25,000 crores to make new paintings. So he does not want to return the money paid in advance. However, the museum authorities have denied such allegations of Jens.
The Kunstein Museum in Denmark gave an artist a োন 63,000 kroner note to rewrite some of his old paintings. But the artist did not paint that picture and instead ran away with so much money! Instead, he gave the museum some blank white canvases, which he named ‘Run with money’.

The Danish artist’s name is Janus Hanning. Museum authorities asked him to redraw two of his own old paintings with annual incomes in Denmark and Austria, where crisp notes would be used as canvas.

Instead, Jens pocketed the money, and gave the museum a blank canvas. In this case, the museum authorities are not getting cool thinking that they will not laugh or cry.

The director of the museum said, “I and the curatorial staff of the museum were annoyed by this incident, but they were also smiling. Because the whole incident is quite ridiculous.”