Australia's international border is opening
Australia's international border is opening

Australia’s international border is opening

Australia has decided to reopen its international border from next November. This is going to end the long wait of the citizens and their relatives who have been vaccinated against corona.

According to a BBC report, Australia has imposed one of the strictest sanctions in the world since March 2020. Even citizens of their own country were barred from traveling outside Australia. Australia’s policy to prevent coronary heart disease has been widely praised. Many also criticize it for separating from the family.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said it was time for Australians to return to normal life.

The Prime Minister of Australia told reporters on Friday that citizens of the states where 80 per cent of the people have been vaccinated will be able to travel. For now, however, foreigners will not have the opportunity to travel within Australia. The government says work is underway to welcome tourists.

Amy Hayes is an Australian currently living in England. He told the BBC he had not been able to return to Queensland, Australia for three years. “I am just happy to be here. But the border has reopened, and I will only believe it when I see and hear stories from Australians that they can return home safely. ‘

Under current rules, people can leave Australia for urgent work or for important reasons such as visiting a dying relative. In addition, Australia will allow its citizens and others to enter subject to conditions. However, in this case, the number of people coming will be strictly controlled.

The 14-day quarantine in Australia is also changing. The prime minister said the rule required a person to spend হাজার 2,100. This rule will also be relaxed from November. Under the new rules, vaccinated travelers must stay at home quarantine for 7 days after entering Australia.