The Taliban has summoned interpreters in the Netherlands
The Taliban has summoned interpreters in the Netherlands

The Taliban has summoned interpreters in the Netherlands

The Taliban has summoned 10 Afghan interpreters in the Netherlands. The Taliban have threatened to inflict severe punishment on them. This information was given by the news agency AFP quoting the state television channel NOS of the Netherlands on Friday.

According to NOS, the interpreters called are in hiding. The Taliban said in a letter that their family members would be harmed if they failed to appear in court. The Taliban added, “Other traitors will be subjected to extreme punishment for teaching them.

The United States and its allies launched an operation in Afghanistan after the 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. The Taliban government was overthrown. After a 20-year campaign, foreign troops were officially withdrawn from Afghanistan on August 31 this year. In the meantime, many Afghans have been working as interpreters for foreign forces and organizations in the country.

The Taliban has sent letters to 10 interpreters working for the Netherlands, according to NOS. The letters had seals used by the Taliban. One of the recipients of the letter was working for Europol, the European Union’s (EU) police agency in Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed that the interpreter had taken money from foreigners, which was “disrespectful”.

In a letter to another, the Taliban said, “We will take revenge. If we don’t find you, people close to you will be consulted. ‘The Taliban say the interpreter was responsible for the deaths of several of their fighters.

After coming to power on August 15, the Taliban made various promises. After coming to power, they urged interpreters working for foreigners not to leave Afghanistan. They were even assured that no harm would be done. Not only that, but the Taliban also announced a general amnesty for former Afghan government officials and members of the army.

However, the promise of the Taliban did not match the work. In many respects they have gone against the promise. A United Nations report says the Taliban are also looking for interpreters working for foreign forces.