A Comparison of the Best Two Way Radios for Outdoor Pursuits

A Comparison of the Best Two Way Radios for Outdoor Pursuits

It’s no surprise that Americans are eager to travel again. Yet, many are still careful to take their vacations outdoors. For example, did you know that visits to national parks have risen 18%-20% over the past two years?

While many of us are taking to the open skies, a significant consideration is communications. If you have plans for heading into the wild, you know that cellular service might not always be available. So, to keep in touch with family and friends, you may look at two-way radios as an alternative.

If you’re wondering which handheld two way radios fit for your getaway, keep reading. Here’s a guide to the best two way radios this year.

Features of Two Way Radios

The kind of outing you are planning will impact the type of two-way radios you choose. For example, suppose you are heading deep into a national park, and your party gets separated. Then, long-range two-way radio systems are best suited for adventures in remote areas.

You won’t need as much range for trips to ski resorts or places where everyone stays closer. Lightweight handheld two-way radios have lots of features to keep your group in touch. You can buy two-way radios that slip into a backpack without taking up valuable space.

Of course, choosing two-way radios will also depend on the size of your group as well. In addition, if you’re planning an outdoor adventure with an entourage, the price might be a factor. So, if you don’t want the expense of buying, click for two-way radio rentals.

Two-Way Radios for 2021

Let’s say, for example, and you have a long-distance tour planned for snowmobiling or on ATVs. Dashboard units are the best two-way radios for people spread out over the terrain.

Midland Micrombile Two-way Radio Kit

Mount the Midland to almost any machine, and away you go. With up to 50 miles in range, keeping reliable contact with other riders is easy.

You get clear, quality sound with 15 channels for privacy and blocking purposes. The unit fits on any dash, and the USB charging jack makes for continuous power. Another great feature, it scans the nearest weather signals to warn about climate.

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio

For families with young children, these tiny units make it easy for everyone to use. These 5-inch, 4-ounce handheld two-way radios are easy to carry and use for short-range conversations. Parents love Motorola two-way radios for dependability and ease.

You can choose to operate with AAA batteries or a 1000mAh battery. Either way, you get up to fifteen hours of clear communication.

Uniden Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

This little number is a system for almost any occasion. With a clear view, you can talk to someone up to 50 miles away. It even works if someone is using another brand. And, the Uniden is waterproof, still operable after getting submerged for thirty minutes.

Again, standard weather alerts and 22 channels to choose from make this among the best two-way radios available. The unit runs on 6 AA batteries and a charging cradle for up to 14 hours of power.

Keep Talking

Outdoor adventures are some of the best times you can have with family or friends. Yet, when cellular connections aren’t available, you need to stay connected. So, two-way radios come with several excellent options for almost any distance.

The fun is back in our lives, so whether you rent or buy two way radios for your next trip, keep everyone talking. And if you enjoyed this article, stay in touch for more helpful guides.