Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking a Campervan

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking a Campervan

When planning your next road trip, consider picking a campervan as your travel vehicle. As of 2021 11.2 million households own an RV. Eighty-four percent of U.S. residents 18-34 years old plan to purchase an RV within the next 5 years.

Selecting between new and used campervans, options, space considerations, and campervan costs makes the decision complicated. We are going to set your mind at ease with five things you need to consider when you are preparing for a campervan road trip.

1. Consider the Space in Campervans

Consider the available space in campervans. Class B, also called campervans, are the smallest motorhome on the market. They range in length from 17-23 feet, are 8 feet wide, and are 9-11 feet tall.

Sufficient sleeping space for 1-2 people will not be an issue. If you are traveling with children or additional adults you will need to evaluate sleeping arrangements.

Evaluate the storage space. Weekend camping trips for 1-2 people will not be a problem. If you are planning to do extensive travel or full-timing, select a campervan with sufficient storage to hold your belongings.

Don’t forget the living and kitchen area. While you plan to spend the most time outdoors, consider your options if the weather turns bad.

2. Do You Need a Bathroom?

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to purchase a campervan with a bathroom. Units of this size usually contain wet bathrooms. This means you have a toilet, shower, and bathroom sink, but the shower gets the entire bathroom wet.

If you plan to use campgrounds with bathroom and shower facilities, this may not be important. Keep in mind the hike you may need to make for any middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

3. DIY, Custom, or Manufactured Model?

When it comes to campervan costs, the van you choose will impact how much comes out of your pocketbook. It also affects how much labor you put into it after purchase.

Options for Campervans/Class B motor homes provide you with three purchase choices:

  • DIY—vans that people convert into campers
  • Custom—cargo vans professionals customize into camper vans
  • Manufactured—ready-to-use manufactured camper vans

A lot of the decision-making will depend on your finances, skills, and time. Many people who want to get into the campervan lifestyle but don’t have the finances go the do-it-yourself route. Those who prefer to buy and drive pick a custom or manufactured unit.

4. Should You Purchase New or Used?

Used models will be lower in cost but will have more mileage on them. They may have more wear and tear requiring repair or upgrades.

Purchasing new you pay a higher price, but it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The downfall is any minor quirks have not yet been worked out. It may require trips back to the dealership for adjustments.

5.  Picking a Campervan: Where to Buy

You may spot units for sale in front yards with excellent prices. Remember, these units do not include a warranty.

A better option is to look at new and used campervans at a facility such as Purchasing through a dealership allows you to view a variety of options and they can service your unit. Browse their website to learn about options for campervans and campervan costs.

Plan Your Campervan Road Trip Today

Now that you know the options for picking a campervan to use on your next road trip, you can start your planning and shopping today. It is a great way to get out and see the country!

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