Goalkeeper Zico has had to be very busy today
Goalkeeper Zico has had to be very busy today

Bangladesh lost to Maldives

Oscar Brujon then had to stop!

Win against Sri Lanka after Bangladesh took over as interim coach. In the next match, they fell behind by 1 goal but drew against India with 10 players. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. So in the rankings, even if they are ahead in field performance, they dream of a good result against Maldives. He’s better at least avoiding the rate. But that was not possible. Bangladesh lost 2-0 to host Maldives at the Male National Stadium.

Even after this rate, Bangladesh’s dream of playing in the final still survives. Nepal is at the top of the table with 6 points after playing 2 matches. Bangladesh is in the second place with 4 points after playing 3 matches. Maldives 3 points in 2 matches. India 2 points after playing an equal match. We may have to wait until October 13 to decide who will play in the final. Bangladesh will face Nepal in the last match on that day.

Winger Rakib Hossain and right-back Bishwanath Ghosh did not play in today’s match due to two yellow cards and a red card. They were replaced by midfielders Sohail Rana and Rahmat Miah. Mohammad Ibrahim, who played as a midfielder in the previous two matches, was replaced by Rakib. After a goalless draw in the first half, the hosts scored two goals in the second half.

At the end of The First Half

Bangladesh had only 31 percent of the ball possession as against 69 percent of Maldives. The statistics show how the hosts controlled the first half. Ashfaq and Ali Fassir could not create goal opportunities according to the strength of Bangladesh’s defense. Apart from this, Bangladesh did not give the opponent a chance to make the game by constructing a dam on the midfield with three midfielders and two winger.

Ali Ashfaq and Hamza Mohammad were the names of terror for the defense of Bangladesh. As soon as the ball landed on their feet, some people from Bangladesh tried to stop it. However, in the 29th minute, Maldives created an easy goal opportunity. Midfielder Hussein Nihan’s shot went wide of the side post. Goalkeeper Anisur Rahman saved the team with a great save before going to the break. He saved Ashfaq’s left foot curved freak by jumping to the right.

The Maldives went further in the second half. In the 53rd minute, Anisur blocked Ali Fasir’s long range shot. Hamza Mohammad led Maldives with a great goal in the 55th minute. Midfielder Hussain Nihan took the head as he flew from the corner. Hamza scored on a bicycle kick while the ball was floating in the air. Brujon replaced Jewel Rana, Sumon Reza and Mahbubur Rahman to replace the goal. Bangladesh made a good attack with new initiative.

But Maldives got a penalty in the 63rd minute. Substitute size Hasan gets a penalty for fouling Sohail Rana. Ali Ashfaq wrapped the ball in the net from the spot kick. After that, Jamal Bhuiyan could never play to return to the match. Instead, Jamal lost his temper and saw an unnecessary yellow card. Bangladesh saw five yellow cards in the match.

Bangladesh could not take the test of Maldives goalkeeper even once in the whole match.