What did Suarez do to celebrate the goal
What did Suarez do to celebrate the goal

Koman dismissed Suarez in 40 seconds

The relationship with Barcelona went to Chukebu long ago. Luis Suarez was expelled from Barcelona last season. The Uruguayan striker was not too late to take revenge. Atletico Madrid have understood all the responsibility to score a goal. Became the team’s top scorer, won La Liga.

Even after winning the title, however, his anger towards Barcelona did not abate. He criticized Barcelona for the way he had to leave the club. Suarez is especially angry with the new coach of Barcelona, ​​Ronald Coman. He doesn’t need Suarez, it just took Koman 40 seconds to tell!

Suarez reiterated earlier this week how big a mistake Barcelona had made. Atletico lost to Barcelona at home. Suarez scored one goal in the 2-0 victory, Thomas Lemar scored the other. A footballer who knows how to change the fate of the match was given the responsibility of the team and was thrown in the cancellation book by Koman!

Coman, However

said the club had decided to release Suarez. He just didn’t see any reason to go against it. But Suarez did not think so, he said in a recent interview. Barcelona-based journalist Gerard Romero came to Twitch Channel (live video) and said, “Koman called me to let me know that I was not in his plans. And the length of that phone call was 40 seconds. A legend cannot be said goodbye in this way.

It is disrespectful to inform a player to leave the club without saying so directly. And if the duration of that phone call is only 40 seconds, it is bound to generate anger. Suarez showed how angry he was with Koman’s behavior in the opening match of the week. After the goal, he showed the manner of talking on the phone while celebrating it. Although Suarez said at the end of the match, Coman had nothing to do with the celebration. But many may think otherwise when they hear the conversation with Romero.

He told me first, I don’t think so

Then he told me again, if there is no problem with the contract, I will play in the match. He doesn’t want me, or the club doesn’t want me in the team, he doesn’t have the personality to say it directly ‘- still anger in his voice.

“It was a very difficult time for me,” Suarez said. Because, I gave everything for the club. After that phone call (Koman) I talked to Sophia (his wife) and Leo. All in all, it was a difficult year. Messi wanted to leave and I was kicked out. Both families have gone through difficult times.