The CIA is working hard to deal with China
The CIA is working hard to deal with China

The CIA is working hard to deal with China

Tensions have risen in Taiwan’s airspace over Chinese warplane drills. Meanwhile, news has come out that the United States is also secretly training Taiwanese troops to deal with China. Not only that, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has announced the opening of a new branch to curb China’s intelligence activities.

The U.S. military has been conducting the training for more than a year, AFP reports. The Wall Street Journal reported this information in a report on Thursday. The U.S. military says US Special Operations Forces and Marines are involved in training Taiwan’s ground and naval forces.

Another AFP report says the CIA, the US Central Intelligence Agency, has stepped in to deal with China. Geopolitical analysts believe that the United States has tied the knot to deal with China on the Taiwan issue.

This branch of the CIA is called the Chinese Mission Center (CMC). The CMC’s job will only be to keep a close eye on the Chinese threat. CIA chief William J. Burns announced the formation of the CMC last Thursday. The CIA said in a press release that the CMC would deal with threats posed by China in the US Central Intelligence Agency’s mission area.

“In the 21st century, CMS will strengthen the way we deal with the threat of global geopolitics and the growing hostility of the Chinese government,” Burns said in a statement.

With a new office for CMC, Burns said the company will make the branch technically strong. He also announced the creation of a Transnational and Technology Mission Center. They will focus on adapting to new technologies, economic security, climate change and global health. Burns said the CIA has also hired a chief technology officer.

While identifying China as its “main rival”, the CIA chief said they would focus on “aggressive Russia, provocative North Korea and enemy Iran” as well as counter-terrorism.

Two U.S. officials familiar with the matter told Reuters news agency that some members of the U.S. Special Forces had been deployed to Taiwan to conduct the training. Although they did not agree to say exactly how long the training has been going on. However, they have indicated that this training has been going on since before Joe Biden became the US President.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan told the BBC that the Biden administration was deeply concerned about China’s recent actions on the Taiwan issue.

Taiwan claims itself as an independent-sovereign state. But China considers Taiwan as its own territory. So they want to take control of Taiwan by force.

“We will stand up, we will protest,” Sullivan told the BBC’s James Landell in Brussels on Thursday, a day after meeting with top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi. That is both within themselves and in public. Especially when an unstable situation arises. ‘

Asked if the United States was ready to deploy troops to defend Taiwan, Sullivan said, “I just want to say that I am going to take action now so that such a day does not come.”

China, meanwhile, has blamed the United States for escalating tensions with Taiwan. This is one of the reasons for China’s tension with the United States. Taiwan’s defense ministry declined to comment on the Wall Street Journal’s report. The United States has not confirmed or denied the report.