The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists, Maria Resa and Dmitry Muratov
The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists, Maria Resa and Dmitry Muratov

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists, Maria Resa and Dmitry Muratov

Journalists Maria Resa and Dmitry Muratov from the Philippines and Russia have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their contributions to the “brave fight” for freedom of expression.

The Nobel Committee described the duo as “representatives of all journalists fighting for this ideal.”

The prize is worth one million Swedish kronor ( 1.1 million). The Nobel Institute in Norway announced the winners.

Their winners have been selected from a list of 329 selected.

Nobel Committee on Two Journalists

Ms. Resa is the co-founder of a news site called Radhapler. He has been praised for upholding the ideal of freedom of expression in the way his country, the Philippines, has “reported abuse of power, escalating violence and growing authoritarianism.”

Mr. Muratov is the co-founder of the neutral newspaper Novoza Gazeta and has been its editor-in-chief for 24 years. The Nobel Committee has said that in an environment that is becoming increasingly challenging in Russia, Mr. Muratov has been fighting for decades to uphold freedom of speech.

“Free, impartial and information-based journalism helps prevent abuse of power, false propaganda and war propaganda,” the committee said in a statement.

The statement added: “Without freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it is difficult to successfully establish friendship, disarmament and build a better world in our lifetime.”

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to any person or organization who has “played the greatest role in building friendships between different countries.”

Last year, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the United Nations World Food Program. The award was given to them for their work in fighting hunger and improving the situation for peace.

The response of the two winners

In a live broadcast of the rapper, Ms Resa said she “couldn’t think of it”.

He said his victory proved that “nothing is possible without information … a world without information means a world without truth and trust”.

And in an interview given on the popular telegram channel podium, Mr. Murataf said: “I’m smiling. I didn’t expect it.”

He described the award as “a fair response to Russian journalism, which is now in the throes of repression.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Congratulations to Murataf. He says, “He has always been steadfast to his own ideals. In his faith he is a devoted soul, he is talented and he is brave.