Argentina team practice before facing Paraguay
Argentina team practice before facing Paraguay

When was the last time Argentina lost?

Italy’s historic journey has come to a halt. Italy lost 2-1 to Spain in the semi-finals of the Nations League last night after remaining unbeaten in 36 matches.

Meanwhile, Argentina will face host Paraguay in the 2022 World Cup qualifier match at Asuncion tomorrow at 5 am Bangladesh time. On the one hand, the unbeaten run of the Euro champions has come to a halt.

Meanwhile, Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina also holds the continental title. And since Argentina has matches, the question may arise – when did Argentina last lose?

Under Scaloni

Argentina did not always play well, but it is difficult to find their rate memory. Scaloni took over as Argentina’s coach in August 2016.

Argentina lost 2–0 to Brazil in the Copa America semifinals the following year. Scaloni’s Argentina are unbeaten in 22 consecutive matches since then. The team’s unbeaten record in the history of the team is nothing new for Argentina.

Marcelo Bielsa Argentina also built a reputation of not losing. However, Scaloni has left that fame behind. Bielsa was unbeaten in 16 consecutive matches as Argentina’s coach between 2000 and 2002.

So the question is

Who is in front of Scaloni now? Before answering this question, let’s talk about a great link. Argentina last won the title in 1993 before winning the Copa America this year. Under Alfio Basil, the continental title of the service is held by Gabriel Batistuta-Fernando Redendo’s Argentina. After 28 years, he survived the drought, winning the Copa America. Under this Basil, Argentina set a record of being undefeated.

Basile was Argentina’s coach from 1991–1994. Argentina were unbeaten in 33 consecutive matches under Basil from 19 February 1991 to 6 August 1993.

Argentina has won the Copa America twice in this unbeaten run. Scaloni is getting a chance to overtake him. Scaloni has won 23 of 37 matches, drawn 9 and lost 4 of his 1682 days as Argentina coach.

The Argentine Football Association (AFA)

has released the statistics of the national team’s unbeaten run. However, according to the AFA, FIFA has dropped two matches from Basel’s unbeaten Argentina.

On September 25, 1991, the rest of the South American team played a match against Argentina. Argentina won 2–1. Argentina won the match 3–0 against the World XI on 29 October of that year.