Pfizer vaccine gives maximum protection for one month research
Pfizer vaccine gives maximum protection for one month research

Pfizer vaccine gives maximum protection for one month: research

Various studies have shown that coronavirus vaccines gradually reduce their effectiveness. This is why researchers and scientists are thinking of booster doses of vaccines. Two studies conducted in Israel and Qatar say that immunity is highest one month after two doses of Pfizer vaccine. Then it slowly starts to comma. However, the researchers said that there is nothing to worry about. News CNN.

In Israel, research is conducted on people aged 65 and over, especially men. The study, conducted on 4,600 health workers, found that antibody levels decreased after two doses of the vaccine. Studies conducted in Qatar have shown that its effectiveness decreases a few months after vaccination. The results of these studies have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

An expert at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in New York, USA. Ann Falsey has researched the experimental application of the ticker. He said the body’s immunity gradually decreases after vaccination. However, there is nothing to panic about. The matter is very slow.

“The Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson vaccines are working well to prevent serious illness after being infected with corona,” Falsey told CAN. Although infected with corona after vaccination, no one is getting as serious as before. Most of them have symptoms like common cold, fever and flu. ‘

Ticker booster doses have been introduced in the United States on a limited scale. Falsey said the booster dose should be kept in mind. Not just Pfizer, but all ticker booster doses strengthen the immune system that’s probably what it’s all about. However, this does not mean that booster doses are urgently needed.