Police are investigating Havana Syndrome at the US Embassy in Berlin
Police are investigating Havana Syndrome at the US Embassy in Berlin

Police are investigating Havana Syndrome at the US Embassy in Berlin

Berlin police say an investigation has been launched after several German embassy staffers reported symptoms of so-called Havana syndrome in their bodies.

The “sonic attack allegations” on US embassy staff have been under investigation since August this year, they said on Friday.

Since 2017, more than two hundred workers in the United States have reported suffering from this mysterious disease.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden pledged to find out the cause of the “syndrome” and who was behind it, the BBC reported.

According to the victims, they suddenly felt pressure inside their heads and heard strange noises coming from a certain direction. Many reported symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, fatigue, severe headaches, and memory loss.

A spokesman for the US embassy in Germany told Reuters the United States was investigating similar incidents worldwide, although it declined to comment on Berlin police investigations into the symptoms of Havana syndrome.

While signing a bill to increase better medical care and financial assistance for Havana Syndrome victims, Biden promised to find out the cause of the mysterious illness.

The U.S. president has described Havana Syndrome as an “abnormal health condition” that is not the result of an attack.

He said government officials, intelligence officials, diplomats and members of the military around the world have reported symptoms consistent with the syndrome.

In 2016, staff at the US and Canadian embassies in Havana, the first Cuban capital, reported symptoms such as dizziness, imbalance, hearing loss, memory loss and anxiety.

Later more such incidents were reported.

The head of the CIA’s station at the US embassy in Vienna was fired last month for failing to take appropriate action to combat the mysterious outbreak of the syndrome.

A few days ago, an official of the CIA director who visited India said that he had symptoms of Havana Syndrome.

In August, US Vice President Kamala Harris, who was on a trip to Asia, landed in the Vietnamese capital a few hours later than scheduled due to the symptoms of the so-called syndrome found in the body of a US official in Hanoi.

In 2019, a US university study found “brain abnormalities” in diplomats who fell ill in Cuba.

Then last year a report from the National Academy of Sciences of the United States said that microwave radiation was probably the cause of this mysterious disease.

In July, CIA Director William Burns said there was a “possibility” that Russia was behind the syndrome. However, Moscow has strongly denied the allegations.