PSG director wants Real punished
PSG director wants Real punished

PSG director wants Real punished

Real Madrid’s eyes are not moving away from Killian Mbappe. When Zinedine Zidane was Real’s coach, many said Mbopp’s address would be the Santiago Bernabeu. Zidane left Real, but that rumor did not stop. The strong wind has been blowing since last season. For some time now, a number of players, including Real’s French striker Karim Benzema, have expressed their hopes of getting Mbappe to the club’s supporters. Mbappe himself had said a few days ago that he had tried to leave PSG.

Real Madrid also made an offer of 22 crore Euros to PSG to get Mbappe. But the Parisian club is not willing to let go of their star striker. The PSG authorities have said that MBAP is not for sale. Even after this, Leonardo, the sports director of PSG, was a little annoyed to see that Real’s attempt to get the French striker did not stop. All in all, the former Brazilian footballer Leonardo thinks that Real should be punished for the matter.

Leonardo didn’t just say that, he made a big complaint about Real. Leonardo believes Real are going beyond policy and communicating with Mbappe. And they are doing this to get him as a ‘free player’ without a transfer fee. PSG’s current contract with MBAP will expire in June next year. If he does not sign a new contract, he will become a free player. Then any club can pull him into the team without transfer fee.

“Madrid says they are not doing that (contact with Mbappe),” Leonardo said, noting that Real are now trying to do just that. But I think Real Madrid are trying to get Mbappe to join the team as a free agent. ” There should be punishment for this. ‘

Leonardo also said that it was not appropriate for Real Madrid to have such an attitude towards a star player like Mbappe. “I find it insulting for Mbappe. He’s not just another footballer, he’s one of the best footballers in the world. “Explaining what Real Madrid is doing, Leonardo said:” Real Madrid’s coaches, boards and players are talking about Killian … It’s not honorable. ”

However, this is not the first time Leonardo has made such allegations against Real. A few days ago, he told the French newspaper Le Kip about Real’s attitude towards Mbappe, “It has been going on for two years. But I want to remind everyone that the transfer is over. ‘He then added,’ Real Madrid can’t do that day after day. It should stop. The players of PSG and the club believe that there will be this relationship in Mbappe. ‘

Tony Kruse, the team’s German midfielder, said last month about the possibility of Mbappe signing for Real Madrid. The relationship between the two of us is quite good. I want him to play for Madrid today. ‘

Real president Florentino Perez has also spoken out. Perhaps his words made Leonardo even more upset. “We hope that everything will be resolved on January 1 (the day of the transfer),” Perez told Spanish media El Debate. All in all, the head of the PSG authorities is not supposed to be right. However, the recent remarks by Mbappe’s mother may reassure some of the party’s supporters, “We are in talks with the PSG (about a new contract). Everything is going well.  Let’s see what happens in the end! For this, of course, we have to wait until the change of team in January.