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Ads that are being banned on YouTube content

Climate change is one of the major Problems

In the world today. But by denying it, various videos and other content have been made with misleading information which can be seen all the time on YouTube and Google. Google said in a statement on Wednesday (October 8th) that it was going to ban advertising on such content. As a result, those who create content that go against the scientific theory of climate change, Google will ensure that they do not benefit financially through advertising bans. Google will enforce the ban based on various algorithms and user reviews.

Various organizations that are vocal about climate change have welcomed Google’s initiative. Fadi Quran told the BBC on behalf of Avaz, a US-based non-profit organization, that it was a good move by Google in contrast to the economic flow that is going on in the world today, ignoring climate change. With the upcoming Glasgow Summit (COP-28) looming, other tech companies, including social media, could follow Google against misleading information on climate change.

Sylvia Pastorelli of Greenpeace says Google’s move is welcome in the way it has so far deliberately misrepresented climate information on major online platforms. But that is not enough.

As can be Seen on Social Media

The content created against the established concepts of climate attracts readers and viewers and they benefit financially by getting advertisements due to huge like-comment-share. According to climate activists, the role that social media has played in the fight against the misinformation about the Corona epidemic must be addressed in the same way.

Google has said it will make sure the alleged content is not visible on users’ homepages.

As part of tackling climate change, Google is set to make three new decisions – Google Maps will show the most energy-efficient routes in the United States, Google will provide information on flights and carbon emissions per seat, its chief executive Sundar Pichai announced in a blog post last Wednesday. And Nest Thermostat will add new features to the app to encourage customers to use environmentally friendly fuels.