The issue of quotas also came up in the discussion of the Nobel Prize

Of the 13 Nobel laureates this year, only one is a woman. The question is whether there is any discrimination in the case of the Nobel Prize. However, Goran Hanson, head of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, who announced the award, made it clear on Monday that there was only one woman this year. Despite winning the Nobel Prize, there is no gender quota. A total of 13 people have won this year.

Since the first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901, 59 women have received it. The rate of women receiving the Nobel Prize is only 7.2. Maria Resa of the Philippines and Dmitry Muratov of Russia have jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced the winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize from the Norwegian capital Oslo.
According to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Maria and Dimitri have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their fight for freedom of expression, one of the prerequisites for democracy and lasting peace.

“The number of women Nobel laureates is very low, it’s sad,” Goran Hanson told AFP on behalf of the selection committee for the Nobel laureates. It reflects the unjust conditions of the present society as in the past and there is much more to be done. We have decided that there will be no gender or ethnic quota.

‘We want every winner to be accepted. Because, they make the most important discovery. This discovery is not due to gender or ethnicity. This is in line with the spirit of Alfred Nobel’s last wish. ”

The head of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences added: So we have made significant efforts to encourage the nomination of women scientists.

Hanson added, ‘In the end, we will reward those who are most deserving, those who have made the most important contributions. More women are being recognized now than in previous decades. However, this number is very low. Remember, 10 percent of the natural sciences in Western Europe or North America are women. If we go to East Asia, this number is even less.