Bangladesh failed again in SAF Championship
Bangladesh failed again in SAF Championship

Bangladesh has repeatedly failed due to lack of ‘football-education’

Bangladeshi footballers are constantly realizing the importance of ‘football education’ in the international arena. As such, there is no suitable field for making players in Bangladesh.

There is no club academy, even the Bangladesh Football Federation could not make the learning system. No footballer’s handcuffs are at the right age. Even after that, a player can enrich himself by combining personal effort, interest in learning etc.

But it is clear that this is not happening in Bangladesh. Bangladesh football is not able to stand in the international arena as there is no method and traditional environment for making footballers.

There is a lack of basic football style, such as: playing with the ball, ability to score goals, passing at the right place at the right time, finding the right place at the right time to attack, etc.

This time Safe Bangladesh has suffered card problem. Bangladesh players have seen a maximum of 14 yellow and 2 red cards, due to which they had to play with 10 players against India and Nepal for a long time in the second half.

For several years in a row, they could not present anything but comedy in the name of the academy. So they are not able to deal with the opponents in the field, they do not know about the rules.

Shafiqul Islam said, ‘Our footballers have become footballers while playing. They do not have academic knowledge. Where to do the final tackle, where not to do it – the idea is less. Because, at the appropriate age, they did not get the opportunity to learn. This is not the responsibility of footballers. This is the responsibility of those who are playing football at the national and club level. ‘

This time Bangladesh is suffering from safe card problem

Shafiqul also said that the footballers are getting excited. Shafiqul also blamed the refereeing on domestic football, saying, “Referees don’t see much in our domestic football. Due to this, the players got the pass.In domestic football, if we separate small clubs from big clubs, this situation will not improve. ‘

Another coach who is working in club football also took the refereeing of domestic football to task.

He thinks that footballers are growing up without minimum ‘football-education’.