CHINA, A Chinese teenager regrets joining a boys music band through cheating
CHINA, A Chinese teenager regrets joining a boys music band through cheating

CHINA: A Chinese teenager regrets joining a boys music band through cheating

A 13-year-old teenage boy in China has apologized for “cheating fans” by trying to join a music band.

Fu Xiaoyan said he lied in response to a question from a popular management firm, whether male or female. Because in his language he is “young and inexperienced”.

He joined the boys’ band YGN Youth Club as a field level member. He was not an official member of the band. However, his fans had the opportunity to watch videos of his training through social media.

Many of the band’s fans have had fun disclosing this information and apologizing, saying it was “not a fatal incident.”

However, an Internet user revealed online that Ms. Fu was a girl and was later forced to admit to the scam. Ms Fu says she will now leave the world of entertainment.

In a statement earlier this week, Ms Fu said, “I apologize to those who have trusted me. I promise I will never return to the world of entertainment. You will never see me again on any video platform in the future.”

Why are boys’ bands tempting?

The YGN Youth Club band only recruits boys between the ages of 11 and 13. This young band teaches music and dance techniques to teenagers through challenging programs and develops them in every way possible to become stars in the future.

The agency says the artists were auditioned online because of the epidemic, which is why it went wrong.

“Our employees have been negligent in following their procedures … in the future we will strictly follow the rules of the company,” the management said in a statement.

However, many fans have spoken out in favor of Miz Fur. Many have jokingly compared her to Mulan, the heroine of Chinese folklore.

In this ancient folklore, Mulan was a young woman, but she fought in the guise of a man to protect her family and country. This popular Chinese folktale is now known to many in the world after the Disney movie was made with this story.

“In today’s world there is no way to know the members of such star teams – who are men, who are women, so let them join,” wrote the popular microblogging platform Weibo.

The ladder of success for future stars

The training camps of the YGN Youth Club band are very popular and enticing in China, as families feel that there can be a huge opportunity for their children to become rich and famous if they have the opportunity to train hard there.

A study of the entertainment market in China, entitled Star Industry and the Fan-Based Economy, found that the country’s market value of stars was estimated at tens of billions of yuan (১৫ 15 billion) in 2020.

For example, a popular teen band called TF-Boys, which debuted on stage in 2013, has now spread its name from house to house. The members of this band were 12 and 13 years old when they started their journey.

However, the management companies that work to select the members of these bands and manage their activities are often criticized for using young children for business purposes.

In recent months, Chinese authorities have stepped up surveillance of the entertainment industry. The state media has announced that it will take steps to ban “obscenity” in performances and ceremonies that are described as “feminine style” performances for boys.