How was Shakib's preparation
How was Shakib's preparation

How is Shakib preparing for the World Cup

The T20 World Cup is knocking on the door. Bangladesh is preparing to open the window and greet the World Cup. Played preparation match. Shakib Al Hasan is not ready. He is not with the team. Shakib is busy in IPL.

Before the World Cup

It was not possible to see the best XI of the Bangladesh team. There is uneasiness among the supporters about this, there is also some regret. But Shakib thinks about it?

In the context of Shakib’s preparation for the World Cup, the 2019 ODI World Cup came up first. Shakib, who scored 808 runs in the World Cup at an average of 7.56, was considered by many to be the best player of the tournament. Not only that, he could not be the best player of the tournament, but the British media Telegraph headlined, “Why Bangladesh star Shakib Al Hasan is undoubtedly the best player of the 2019 World Cup.


Who was probably in the best form of his life with the bat, played only 3 matches in the IPL before the World Cup. Besides 9 runs, he took 2 wickets. These IPL statistics certainly do not speak in favor of Shakib’s preparation for the World Cup.

But can the preparation of the players be judged by statistics? Writing legendary cricket, Sir Neville Cardas may have thought, “Statistics are an ass!”

The same thing applies with Shakib’s World Cup preparations. Why only Shakib, the preparation of the players all over the world, whether they get the opportunity to play the underlying match or not, the player himself can understand whether his job is being done or not. In these cases, being with the IPL franchise team, match situation, net practice, dressing room environment – very useful. If they are not satisfied with that, players like Shakib choose the option.

Before the 2019 World Cup, Shakib practiced separately by inviting ‘guru’ and favorite coach Mohammad Salauddin to India. It had nothing to do with not getting a chance in the IPL match. Since that example is shining in front of our eyes, then let’s look at Shakib’s preparations in this IPL.

The first round of the tournament was held in India before the IPL was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. At that time, the T20 World Cup was supposed to be held in India. Shakib played 3 matches in that episode of IPL.

Ahamri’s performance was not 636 runs and 2 wickets. There was also controversy before going to play in the IPL. He went to the Indian franchise league without playing a Test for the country against Sri Lanka. In reply, Shakib said that he felt it was important to play in the IPL to prepare for the upcoming T20 World Cup to be held in India.