Ernan Crespo
Ernan Crespo

In the same month, Crespo of Argentina saw the reverse side of the coin

It was a bitter experience for Ernan Crespo, who came to the fore as a coach after winning a continental title for an unknown club in his homeland. Although he took charge of Sao Paulo with high expectations, he could not survive for a year due to failure.

One-time star forward Crespo has stepped down on a “mutual agreement” with the Brazilian club.

Crespo led the team to the Copa Sudamericana title in 2014, less than a year after defending Argentine club Defensa ya Justicia. After that remarkable success last January, he joined Sao Paulo.

Crespo had a great start at the Brazilian club.

In May, three months after taking office, he led the club to the state championship, their first since 2005.

But the club is suffering a lot in the Brazilian Serie A and this year’s event; They are 13th after winning only six out of 25 matches in the 20-team competition. The 48-year-old Crespo had to leave within eight months of his two-year contract due to his disappointing performance.

Coach layoffs are a common occurrence in Brazilian clubs. Some teams have even changed four coaches in a season. Last year, the Brazilian Football Confederation ruled that a club could fire a maximum of one coach each season.


There are gaps in the rules of the board. If the coach and the club break the contract by ‘mutual agreement’, it does not violate the rules of the board even if it happens more than once. And as soon as this gap is closed, the old problem remains.