Pedri is now handling the turmoil of the Euro and the Olympics
Pedri is now handling the turmoil of the Euro and the Olympics

Learning from Neymar’s incident, Barcelona paid 100 million for Pedri

In 2016, Barcelona suffered a big blow. Neymar’s release clause was 222 million euros and they thought they were safe. Less than half of the world record for switching teams (105 million); Barcelona took over, no one would be mad enough to spend so much money.

PSG has shattered that trust. They arrived at the La Liga office with a check for 222 million euros and took Neymar away from Barcelona. Since then, Barcelona has become more aware of the players’ release clauses. With rivals Real Madrid setting a release clause of at least 200 million or 30,300 million for any player and at least Crores 500 million for a slightly more important footballer, Barcelona has begun to follow suit.

In the meanwhile

The release clause of Pedri seemed to have become a little less. However, Barcelona is not responsible for this. The 16-year-old Pedri was bought by Barcelona from Las Palmas for just Millions 5 . Considering his age and the experience of a club like Palmas, it was thought that Pedri would play in the second team of Barcelona. But watching the game in the pre-season reminded him of coach Ronald Coman.

After that

Pedri made history. He had a great season for Barcelona. He had a great understanding with Messi. Seeing the form of the club, he called Luis Enrique to the national team. Pedri has become the best young footballer in the Euros. Not only did he play great for Spain in the Euros, he also went to play in the Olympics. Pedri has played about 60 matches in one season.

All the superpowers in Europe are looking at a great footballer who is gaining the trust of everyone at the age of only 17 years. Bayern Munich was already trying to get him. Then came the wonderful information. Pedri’s release clause is only 100 million euros. In other words, if Pedri can be persuaded against the will of Barcelona, ​​it is possible to get Pedri for only 100 million Euros.

Barcelona did not want to take such a big risk. So the work of renewing the contract has been completed quickly. The contract has been extended till June 2026. And with that the release clause has been 100 crore Euros.

Only two players had such a high release clause in the history of football, both from Real Madrid. However, Real have released Cristiano Ronaldo, not 100, but a little more than 100 million euros. Karim Benzema’s release clause to fill his vacancy is also 100 million euros. That means Pedri and Benzema are now equal in terms of release clauses.

“Barcelona and Pedro Gonzalez have agreed to renew their contract until June 30, 2026,” the Barcelona website said in a statement. The release clause is set at 100 million euros. The Canary Islands footballer has been signed for four more years apart from this season.

Pedri, who played 52 games for Barcelona last season, has played four more matches this season before being injured.