Bayern star Lucas Hernandez and his wife Amelia
Bayern star Lucas Hernandez and his wife Amelia

Who is the most expensive player in the history of Bundesliga will have to go to jail

Lucas Hernandez was found guilty of abusing his wife. But he did not obey the court order. A Madrid court has sentenced the Bayern Munich French defender to six months in prison.

Hernandez played five seasons at Atletico Madrid before joining Bayern in 2019. In 2016, he was accused of violently treating his girlfriend Amelia Jorente.

The 25-year-old defender later married Amelia. The 2018 World Cup-winning footballer must appear in court in Madrid next Tuesday. However, Hernandez has already appealed against the verdict. He will have 10 days from October 19 to go to jail ‘voluntarily’.

Under Spanish law,

Imprisonment is not less than two years. But Hernandez’s case is different. The court ordered him to be imprisoned for repeating the same mistake. Hernandez was arrested four years ago for disobeying a court order. The court had ordered him not to go within 500 meters as he had treated his girlfriend violently.

In February of that year (2016), Amelia had to go to the hospital after being injured in a fight between the couple. However, no one complained against anyone then. But the Spanish public prosecutor filed charges against the two.

The court then ordered the couple to work separately for 31 days. The court also directed that no one can meet anyone for six months. However, four months later, Hernandez was arrested for meeting his girlfriend at Madrid airport.

The couple returned

Madrid after getting married in the United States. Amelia was not arrested because she had no obligation to stay away from Hernandez. In 2019, the court sentenced Hernandez to six months in prison for disobeying a court order.

Hernandez, who recently won the League of Nations for France, is the most expensive footballer in Bundesliga history. Bayern bought him from Atletico in 2019 for 60 million euros.